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About Us

Mr.tuxedos has been the leader of male Haute Couture since 2017 in the MENA region, introducing luxurious, high-quality, and lavishing custom-designed suits to our clients to enable them to stand out.

our story

Mr. Tuxedos was established in 2017 by the innovative fashion designer Ahmed Fouad. He was inspired by the joy he witnessed when customizing tailor-made suits for close friends and relatives to start his unique, innovative custom-made clothing brand in Egypt.

Mr.Tuxedos kicked off the year by styling the megastar Amr Diab for his remarkable appearance in Vodafone Egypt’s Ad. Followed by a grand launch of our first two Mr.Tuxedos labeled collections, “Ready when you are” & “Wide as the ocean.”

The year of the stars, where we were given a chance to share our trademark in the glamorous Gouna Film Festival of the year 2020 by styling adored celebrities such as Omar El Saeed and Asser Yassin. Finally, we ended the year by being granted with Best Fashion Designer Award.

The year of continuous exposure started with the launching of the “Eminent” collection that was held in the marvelous Manasterly Palace. The “Pharaoh’s Oracle” masterpiece & campaign was an innovative blend between the pharaonic heritage, the latest fashion trends, and the vibrant and colorful summer collection “Euphoric.”


Followed by the styling of multiple celebrities at the El Gouna Film Festival and Red Sea Film Festival, the styling of the superstars Ahmed Zaher for his role in Lu’lu’ and Mohamed Ramadan for his part in Mousa, Khaled ElNabawy for his contribution in Etisalat Ad and the worldwide athlete Big Ramy for his special wedding day.


The year ended with a special one-to-one interview at Ehlam with Ahmed Fouad, where he was given a chance to talk about the brand, its achievements, vision, and goals.
We got the chance to shine brighter than ever by styling Tamer Ashour’s wardrobe for his recent video clip, customizing the 3 Greek-inspired masterpieces suits for Mohamed Farag’s joyous wedding, which was spotted and covered in many well-reputed national magazines.
Besides, the launching of the Sleek Chic Collection, featured in Grail magazine, styling the musician Hesham Kharma and Ahmed Zaher at Sharja Film Festival, and many more beloved artists at Cairo Film Festival, and last but not least, Mr. Tuxedos was granted the Luxury lifestyle award as the best bespoke tailoring brand for the year 2022.

Features in press

Get To Know The Bright Mind Behind Mr. Tuxedos

Get To Know The Bright Mind Behind Mr. Tuxedos

Men’s fashion was never a thing that we consider in our region, then both digitization and Instagram came to change the game. Led by a new generation of designers and makers who are tinkering with the traditional formulas to invent or revive eccentric and exciting ways of dressing up, tailoring started coming back stronger than ever. The bright mind behind…

ABOU NAJA Talks with Fashion Designer Ahmed Fouad

ABOU NAJA Talks with Fashion Designer Ahmed Fouad

Founder of Mr. Tuxedos, Ahmed Fouad, started his career in the fashion industry among a close group of friends, while experimenting and styling bespoke tuxedos for personal use. His passion for luxury garments and the absence of a home-grown brand that offered luxury and custom-tailored men’s clothing in Egypt caused the inception of Mr. Tuxedos.  Today and albeit with his busy…

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